Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Condemning condemnation

Condemning condemnation

July 13, 2013 at 9:21pm
I fail to understand what purpose condemnation statements serve. Mirwaiz umer farooq condemns the foiling of its scheduled programme on 13th july . I had been always refuting the claims of my friends that leaders are not put under house arrest on orders of government but they ask police to do so . I may not still agree with my friends over this. But the bitter fact is they offer themselves to police to keep them under house arrest . If one takes a preliminary look on statements of Mirwaiz umer farooq from past few days regarding 13th July ,things will become more clear. The popular mirwaiz few days ago breifs media about their program on martyrs day . He asks people to carry out processions towards Jamia masjid Srinagar ,which will further culminate at Martyrs graveyard. If one asks a lay man to tell what government will do on 13th of july ,his answer will be curfews and arrests. I hope mirwaiz will be also aware about it. To my dismay Mirwaiz sits in his cozy room with legs crossed and watching Geographic channel on 21 inch LCD tv hanging on wall. Meanwhile statements of mirwaiz in press bring authorities on toes and they direct police to put him under house arrest . A police party in a blue vehicle arrives at residence of mirwaiz ,they straight away went to his room where mirwaiz is too busy with his Geographic channel . A police officer informs mirwaiz about his house arrest . Mirwaiz in his aggressive and emotional tune tells police man omer abdullah is scared of Hurriyat . But police officer does not leave with out noticing a face of Mirwaiz brimming with happiness. After all mirwaiz has a day to rest ,to watch geo channel and work out at his gym . Without wasting any time mirwaiz asks his press Secretary to ring up the media organisations and inform them about my house arrest . Media organisations also keep in anticipation a space available for condemnation statement of leaders. Next day newspapers are full of condemnation statements by leaders on their house arrests. People like me after going through news papers feel sorry and curse the democratic India. Off late some of my friends made me to realize the truth , Mirwaiz could have averted the house arrest and gone into hiding . Instead of planing for next condemnation statement he should have devised a strategy to counter the move of government .
But unfortunately he remained glued to his TV set and waited for police party to arrive and put him under house arrest .
Next day mirwaiz issues another statement and condemns his own house arrest ,accuses government of being autocratic after they foiled his programme to visit maryrs grave yard . Thus newspapers publish another condemnation statement .
I wonder how long condemnation statements will be issued and what purpose they serve .
P:S: condemnation note was written to condemn the condemnation statement .

2013 :Recollecting January 1, 2014 at 3:16am

January 1, 2014 at 3:16am
As some few odd hours of this year are left ,i keep recollecting each moment though many of them bringing smile across my face while few odd incidents do fill my eyes with tears. The year has been over all a tale of mixed things ,some upside and downside events .From the very beginning of this year ,certain dramatic ,heart-wrenching incidents plunged me into a horrific depression of 6 months . Though later i realized these incidents actually exposed me to realities of life and helped me to know people around me in a more better way . I do remember the way i was deserted and accused of some mischievous actions . I do remember how i would plead for innocence and do remember when even my moist eyes even could not make the backstabbers to have mercy on me. But as they say all is well that ends well . Coming out of that depression of 6 months was not a cakewalk ,had there been not a support of certain best persons back in university . How would i ever forget to mention the role played by my loving parents along with my best mates in coming out from that horrific depression . I would like to thank each one of them from core of my heart . Further there has been an unconditional love and support from my Younger sister ,who always stood by me in thick and thin times of my life , Thankyou to her also . The year didn't went off with depression only but indeed some best things also happened . It was during 2013 when i turned a management graduate and joined corporate world . It was during this very year when i had a privilege of receiving my first salary . Moreover it was during this year only when i met few new people who have been a source of inspiration and guiding fellows . I would love to remain always in their company . Though lost one of the best person and my mentor to a life consuming disease during last days of this year . I was totally broken and dusted after he left for heavenly abode . But here again it were his Advices which he would often give me right from childhood that are now becoming a guiding principles of life. May the soul of that very humble and noble person rest in peace and may almighty Allah protect his family . As they say life never remains same ,it shall however be better than your past . Alhamdu lillah it is much better than it was in past .
The year is ending on a positive note, as it had begun, I spent the last day of this year in doing something progressive, despite the harsh weather.

Year 2013 has been quite memorable. I evolved out of cynicism, negativity, conformism and blind idealism. I have consciously turned into a liberal-democrat, a progressive realist, and an objective nonconformist. I am much more positive for the coming years. I have started dreaming big and intent to endeavor for big achievements. I have come to a decision of serving the society and the people through my varied endeavors. I will write for my people, speak up for my people, act for my people. I am no longer a part of problem rather intending to come up with solutions. I shall not be cowed down with harassment and slur. I am much stronger than ever, ready to explore the world.
Sine few odd hours are left ,let us recollect our tryst with 2013 and get ready for a new challenges of 2014 with all sincere efforts . Let us ask for forgiveness of Major and minor sins and seek blessings from Allah almighty . So here i conclude it. Wishing you all a new ,blessed year 2014